Michael’s Answer, Cont’d

As related previously, there was an inquiry for more detailed stuff about yours truly’s present apartment building.  Okay.  The place is private property.  It’s owned by a corporation in the business of owning buildings and renting them out for a profit.  There was no real search to unearth what all they own.  In general, just like any other business, there are different kinds of land companies (some renovate old buildings, some deal in new stuff, some probably do both).  Some are bigger than others. 

The one underfoot is one of several in the area owned by the same corporation.  Their main office is not local.  Normally the only one around is the property manager, although if there’s something that seems to be serious, higher ups have shown up.  In comparison, the previous apartment building (same town, etc.) was also private property but owned mostly by a local man who also owned a hotel. Although any such property is private property, it may be backed by government loan money. 

Whether the places were built with straight out bank loans (smaller places more likely than big ones) or federal backed funding is one thing, and it may be a matter of importance if for no other reason then because it’s subject to public scrutiny. There’s also the matter of government subsidy contracts which has different aspects.  If a company (private company) can latch onto one, it’s a competitive edge, but they only run for a given length of time.  That’s going to have to be covered in another entry. 

Some things are complicated. 


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