A Special Message….

Dear Friends, Rovers, and Countrymen….  It was clear you stopped by on this past Sunday to view the babbling here, probably several times.  It’s in the very unidentified stats that people clicked on the place; and, while there are a few readers, there are not that many as turned up in the numbers.  Some people looked twice or maybe even three times.  And, unbeknownst to yours truly there was not a thing new in view.  See, there was indeed something done Saturday night for anyone who looked in on Sunday. 

What happened Saturday night is a mystery.  The intention was to post the essays for both weblogs at the same time (one first then the other, of course).  The system went through its motions and the Internet Explorer properly came up.  The only likely possibility is that the posting got derailed somehow enroute (it happens with email at times) and went off to space unattached to all necessary parts, but it looked like it was all right because the browser page properly materialized. 

The essay for today (Monday) was written for yesterday (Sunday) and was all done, it just did not publish.  That wasn’t discovered until late yesterday afternoon when there was a quick review of the site. It seemed like a relatively good, proper essay, so the decision was to post it today even though a break in a continuation isn’t too good, and put up this explanation for tomorrow.  There’s a good feeling when it’s seen that someone tried to look.  Any friendly visit is appreciated. 

Nothing’s perfect. 



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2 responses to “A Special Message….

  1. Michael

    I do follow Carolyn, don’t often say much. 🙂
    A thing I find hard to understand is the “inspections” that you mention, of your apartment. Is this part of a lease arrangement? Is your apartment privately owned or public, (the city maybe).
    We have local body elecctions next month and unrelated to that comment, we have some retiremant flats, (apartments) owned by the council where I think the only proviso is that one must be a ‘senior citizen’ and not already own a house or home.

    • Hello, Michael!

      It’s good you commented as others also may also wonder.

      The fact is, to the best of my knowledge there isn’t much that might be called “universal.” I started to post a quick answer here, and it got so long it only made sense to make it the next entry. So, see the next entry for a more complete answer. 🙂


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