People In Our Lives

The most valuable thing anyone has in this world is the people in their lives, primarily those that have a thoughtfulness of others but to some extent anyone who is not antagonistic or anti-social.  Very few people could manage to survive on their own in a wilderness.  Most people survive on an interdependence with others.  If it is a good interdependence among a number of people, it becomes a community.  The point has come up again in everyday living.  It seems almost a perpetual topic. 

In the last three days, yours truly had to tackle four different things when it is usually a big production just to handle one.  There was a weekly dealing with the groceries and cleaning a little.  There was a monthly trip to the bank for money order for the rent (today). A visit from the agency providing the homemaker aide comes either quarterly or semi-annually to update everything.  That happened Wednesday, too.  And, there was the management’s housekeeping inspection yesterday. 

What didn’t get done was personal letters to people.  No one owes either way in most cases.  It’s just a matter of nice people who are the type to do someone a favor if need be.  Those are the kind of people who keep the world going.  Thinking of such always brings to mind that homemaker aides often do what friends would gladly do a time or two; but, because it is a constant thing, it needs to be carried out by someone hired and paid.  Unfortunately that sparks a lack of interest in anything but the money. 

Squeaking by isn’t good for anyone.   


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