Housekeeping Inspection

Apartment inspections are variable.  For instance, there is bed bug inspection these days.  Housekeeping inspections may be set just to see if a place is relatively clean.  The most important inspections are to check the equipment – does the stove work, are the faucets dripping, is the rug coming up anywhere and so forth.  And, today was “housekeeping inspection day.”  Maintenance finally discovered that the garbage disposal doesn’t work.  It didn’t work during the last inspection, either, nor the time before. 

The smoke alarm was tried this time, too.  That did work.  Running water was not heard, so maybe the faucets weren’t tried, although they might have been turned just a tad to see if they turned.  It’s quite likely the stove knobs were checked and the refrigerator was explored since the maintenance half of the team spent some time in the kitchen area. The bathroom sink looked good because yours truly shined it up, having discovered that little homemaker aide did nothing but set the scouring powder there. 

A valuable piece of paper saying the place passed inspection is in hand.  A not valuable disturbance to replace the garbage disposal in a week or so is on a schedule.  A possible valuable thought is in mind to ask about another homemaker aide.  Rare indeed is one that dig’s into housecleaning, and that’s half of the job.  Whether they can’t see a mess or whether they can’t comprehend that they are to help clean it up is not certain.  Would you mind dusting that or sweeping there is a common directive. 

Days with peaceful endings are a treasure. 


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