Abbreviated Time

It takes time to write something.  Even if the thought is fairly clear, a piece about as long as the ones in this weblog take about a good hour to compose.  And, that’s only if the thought is fairly clear.  If it is vague or uncertain it can take two or even three hours to write as the words get re-arranged to put it another way or add an aspect that fits.  It’s quite likely someone younger and with more vigor could do it in less time, but maybe not much less.  It’s also likely some people would need more time. 

At any rate, yours truly has to figure a minimum of one hour if the thought is clear (and simple).  The hour doesn’t include the likes of re-reading it to make corrections or devising a title.  It just means putting down a half-way clear thought.  Now, if there were anything like actual reporting involved, or worse yet, interviewing, that easily slips into about four hours.  The point is, under the circumstances at present, there isn’t much time to do more most days.  Last night there was a hunt for something and no search bar. 

Well, tomorrow not only does the homemaker cometh but also the agency in charge to review things.  Not only is the grocery list not ready, last week’s still hasn’t been sorted out although most of the things brought in have been used.  Thursday the landlady will;be around to see that everything is neat and clean, while the odds are that the homemaker (as usual) will do precious little cleaning.  To make matters worse, the air bed is about gone and a toothache is formulating.  The only placed to scrimp is with the writing.  

Life goes on without us. 


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