Murder Trial Finished

The posting of August 12 (online August 13) regarding a murder – no names listed; it’s possible anyone in the United States or Mexico might go into different aspects of the case – with the actual trial to start then now has it’s addenda.  The trial verdict handed down is guilty.  The young man is expected to appeal, of course.  Although the death sentence was possible, in this case it wasn’t possible as the only way Mexico was willing to agree to the extradition was if the United States guaranteed there wouldn’t be an execution. 

The story is going to keep coming up in the news.  There’s even a Wikipedia reference to it.  No matter how much talk there is, lives changed will not be changed back to what they might have been.  Perhaps the one that will really feel the backlash is the legal wife of the suspect.  It isn’t the victim.  She’s dead.  And, it isn’t him if he is guilty, which is what the evidence indicated to the jury.  It’s sort of strange there is a shortage of interviews with some people, such as his parents.  (It may be too soon.) 

What’s already been written here is enough – at least as it stands now – to illustrate the point that yours truly was trying to make. The only reason for bringing it up again is because the trial is now over and a verdict has been reached.  If someone wants to know the names (although they are in a lot of headlines), a note somewhere to see about more information off the record should do it.  What is and has been reported so far is bare bones information.  And, the fact remains, most other young women would not get the attention.

One can’t look deep in the shallow. 


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