Social Networking

Many years ago it was declared that sororities were not allowed in the high school (presumably the counter-part was equally true). A social sorority or fraternity is, of course, is an exclusive group in a sense.  The people all live in the same world as everyone else, do the same homework and or even work for the same company and the like.  They just have an element of “belonging” which can cost money and can open doors.  The fact that the groups were “not allowed” didn’t change the fact that there were reportedly three. 

The principle involved in the “not allowed” wasn’t exactly clear, but it seems the idea was that no one was to be in the state of being an outsider in some informal setting like the cafeteria, which could easily happen.  However, a group can run around together without a formal organization and still leave a person or two as an outsider if they take a notion to do so.  Meeting and getting acquainted with others is a good lesson to learn early in life.  Further, depending on your own abilities rather than who has pull is also important. 

The new thing on the scene in recent times seems to be anything but independent action.  One is to do social networking online.  It’s also known as finding friends.  The deal is not to find a new friend or two.  It’s a matter of gathering up old friends or acquaintances in a groupy thing, which is less a group and more a collection.  It’s not all bad, but does have “interesting” aspects.  One person who crops up in the suggestions repeatedly posted is an individual who was viewed as obnoxious fifty some years ago.   

Sometimes one needs to go with the flow.   


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