Sigh Of Relief

It’s hard not to fret over things that might cause a small amount of discomfort.  They can be ordinary things.  Housekeeping concerns in an old folks’ home can lead to a lot of discomfort.  If managers are dissatisfied with the housekeeping often enough, it can lead to an invitation to find new digs.  Nowhere is the “difference in class” between people more pronounced than in landlord-tenant things. The landlord is definitely on top.  A housekeeping inspection was thought to be this week.  It’s next week. 

The apartment is more of a mess than usual for reasons unknown and not likely to be known.  Nothing different is happening apart from the trips downstairs.  Fifteen minutes takes care of that.  Yet, things are so far gone that not even the scooter got attention.  And, after re-reading Monday’s posting yesterday, it was decided it was so garbled it needed some re-writing.  That’s changed somewhat.  It’s appreciated that the inspection is next week.  There is still a chance to clean a bit. 

Two small pieces of mail seriously awaited arrived.  There wasn’t a certainty about either one.  That local message board mentioned yesterday not only has its local aspect, it is where all the bed bug information is posted.  There is a decided reluctance to scrap it, and for several days now two obnoxious individuals have been “on” yours truly.  Supposedly Monday night the last of them finally said something whereby there could be a wiggling out of the discussion while maintaining a measure of dignity. 

Peace can be hard come by. 


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