Long Ago

There was a grandmother in the world of then who’s birthday was reportedly August 15.  Whether it was or not isn’t sure, as there is no recollection of anything like parties.  In some year or another it would seem yours truly was at her home exactly on the day.  Entire summers were spent at grandmother’s house.  She had four living daughters.  The only recollection about said birthday came as an announcement one day years later by one (mother), who expected her daughter to keep contacts with her family going. 

…There was religious activity.  August 15 was (is) a big feast day.  One might have to work that day to keep a job; but, somehow one had to squeeze in a trip to a church to properly commemorate the feast.  If one did not have to work, one could not sit around in any “casual” clothing.  One had to get reasonably decked out, enough to blend in with the others in the church, and hike there.  God did not care what one had on if it was a somewhat difficult thing, but the others around (including the neighbors) might notice and have a little something to say … to someone else. 

…Thoughts needed to include the county fair at hand – third in the state in some respects.  The fair began (begins) the Wednesday before Labor Day.  Exhibits had to be hauled to the fairgrounds beforehand, and therefore sometime before the end of August.  Any last minute finishings had to be done before that.  So, come August 15, one breathed a sigh of relief that one was over the hump of the heat of summer, paid at ;least nominal respects to God and grandma and checked over the fair entries with one eye toward autumn clothing and preparing for winter. 

Everyone’s life is different.  


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