Ordinary Day

The “noontime sitters” outside were on their way in already when yours truly got downstairs to sit outside and stare at the static view available.  It was a bit surprising since the trip was not that much later than usual.  That others may harbor some similar ideas about life and times is now under consideration.  One ordinary reason for descent near noon is to check the mail delivery; but, since it’s hot outside plus the fact that the seating is limited, it’s been assumed only true sitters would be outside. 

The seats were empty, but there was activity near the dumpster – apparently someone was moving out.  Two men came out through the maintenance entrance (it leads to one of the elevators).  One pushed a dolly with a small cabinet on it.  That was loaded into a vehicle and a second was brought out.  That, too, was loaded.  It was two old men in some hot sun.in a do-it-yourself moving chore that no doubt was deemed sensible.  They fumbled around trying to figure out how to get it done and finally left.

By the time the movers moved on, it was time to move on.  Inside the entrance a lady was all upset because she didn’t have her list for groceries ready.  The ride to the store had materialized all of a sudden.  While standing there waiting for the car to pull in front of the door, she was trying to jot things down.  She was so upset she couldn’t think of basics and couldn’t spell what she did recall. She left a few moments later and it was possible to scoot back to the apartment and the air conditioning.   

Somewhere a jet fighter took off to fight a war. 


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