Murder Trial

From the looks of the pictures, she was just a pretty, healthy girl turned into a young woman.  For some reason she decided to join the marines.  She became pregnant.  The claim was rape.  Shortly before the baby was to be born, she was killed and buried unseen in the backyard of a nice little house.  The fact that there was a murder was eventually unraveled, so a man became a suspect.  He fled to another country.  Eventually he was apprehended.  The trial is in it’s beginning stages today. 

If there is one, there are a hundred instances where one might ask, “How would you feel if….”  Likewise, if there is one, there are also a hundred instances where one might say, “If it weren’t for….”  Some young women are never missed, and if if weren’t for a mother who wanted to know where her daughter was, the murder might never have been unearthed, much less involved the near highest levels of the United States government.  Even the drive to the cemetery was in the vicinity of ten miles. 

The family is not particularly extra-ordinary, just determined.  For that matter, the Congressman isn’t particularly extra-special, just responsible (for whatever reason).  It was simply a case of a man and woman married and started raising their children.  The path of life might easily have been no different from millions of others all over the world, but something happened and all life around went another way.  The reason? – a human being (the baby) that existed but was never even born into the world. 

Life pivots on the unexpected. 


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