Changes – Like Button

In a technical sense, the site at hand seems highly complex to one not overly technical.  The place still hasn’t been figured out yet, to put it in plain English. In fact, the surface has barely been touched. Of course, part of that is due to the complexities of the message poster’s circumstances, long-range objectives and disorganized learning.  It’s also partly due to the fact that nobody, but nobody, can know all about any kind of computer work or even just action and new things keep developing. 

One new, small “really in” thing is “Like” buttons.  Somewhere on a web page, weblog entry or even just “thing” is a little something or the other that says “like.”  There is also “dislike” which may cancel out the “like,” “karma” with positive and negative signs, “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” images and probably some other references whereby someone can approve or disapprove what he or she has just looked at or maybe even read.  This site has “Like” buttons – two different places. 

The “Like” buttons don’t show on the blog page (this, from the way yours truly sees it).  They, like spaces for comments, are seen on individual entries.  Exactly how that shows up in, say, subscription views is not known.  What is known is, if and when (if is the better word) some more of this is figured out, the first page someone is likely to see may not have the day’s entry on it because it would be nice to have the “Like” button visible.  It just may be a completely different approach to the life and times at hand. 

There’s always something new in view. 


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