The Bible, Constitution, And Other Stuff

People make deals with each other, right?  When it’s written down and signed, it’s called a contract.  A real contract is when all the signers have some input into what’s in the contract.  Most often it seems, however, that someone on the “power side” just hands over a piece of paper which an individual is to sign.  No words can be changed by the signer.  One either agrees to everything already on the paper or there is no deal.  Lease, loan agreement, employment contract and more are all one-sided contracts. 

None of those “ordinary” contracts, however, carry the importance of a constitution or collection of religious beliefs, yet those, too, are contracts.  A constitution might be amended and a holy book might be re-interpreted, but outside of a great deal of study and usually negotiations, they are rules to live by acquired most often simply on the basis of having been born into the system.  Some systems are better than others, so some people are fortunate compared to others, but there is/was no input in the deal. 

In the real world water runs downhill, two and two is (are) four and other things are “true” things that someone has surely written down somewhere.  If anything is sacred writing, it’s such things, yet never are they called sacred.  The Bible may indeed be inspired writing and some constitutions may very well be so as well.  Even humble contracts may be the result of minor inspiration.  But, the most holy of all writings are the ones that say things like two and two equals four.  They need to be included among sacred texts. 

Solid foundations are important.  


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