Adventures In The Old Folks’ Home

As is known, there have been many tales and reports (fiction and true) of life in “retirement homes,” some good, some not so good, some big deals, some little local stuff of interest to managements and relatives of the inhabitants.  It’s not really a topic of universal interest, not even if someone brings up government money that might be involved.  It comes up every so often as a topic because it touches the life of someone.  There is an aspect to it that takes it out of the mainstream of living.  There’s no future. 

Maybe the biggest and best “productions” of tales were a couple of fictional television series run by the British Broadcasting corporation for several decades (also seen in the United States).  They mostly were humor.  There is an exasperating humor in the living.  A so-called puttering around exists, too; but, that, naturally, is limited in rental units.  Somebody else owns the building.  The “adjustment” phase can be interesting.  Someone buys into the advertising like “senior living,” then sees all the canes and walkers. 

Words like “retirement community” once literally meant a collection of relatively expensive houses occupied only by older people with children married off and established elsewhere.  Now it can mean any collection of old people.  It’s convenient for social workers. The collection of old people can be in close quarters, like eighteen one bedroom apartments on a floor of a big building.  Folks see each other and evidently make judgments, which might explain a bag of new socks unceremoniously tied to yours truly’s doorknob. 

Mysteries can be found anywhere. 


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