Very Different Continues….

That singular act of (very slowly) walking out into the kitchen area and, while standing there, heating some coffee and waffles was a time of joy indeed.  It doesn’t take that much to microwave some water and pre-made waffles.  Thirty seconds on about an eighth of a cup of water is enough to dissolve anything that needs dissolving for coffee.  Adding water at room temperature makes it just right for drinking.  The stack of waffles take two minutes, one each on top and bottom.  It’s nothing; but, it’s ordinary. 

Although there’s no real recollection of having done anything of the sort in the last five years, it wasn’t tried either yesterday morning or today.  It was tried Friday night with heating up a frozen dinner in the stove oven.  That was likewise taken to a separate table for relatively proper eating, but by then yours truly was getting klutzy and dropping things.  The klutziness lasted all through yesterday, partly due, no doubt, to various unexpected and unsettling events.  They weren’t big, just unexpected. 

Number one of the unsettling events (for an as yet undetermined reason) in the last two days (yesterday and today) has to do with the grocery advertising.  The bags pulled out of the ads’ box had anything but advertising for this week’s shopping.  One was for a week in June.  It was online in the store site today (not yesterday), but the site will be taken down Tuesday for maintenance.  If the computer holds out, there will be a fairly decent grocery list.  Also big in the unsettling events, the leg is swelling again…. 

Confusion never helps matters.


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