Everything Is All Right – Ha!

Well, at almost midnight yesterday another day ended.  Things did seem to be in a state of “all right.”  Then yours truly tried to post the entry for yesterday.  The message apparently posted okay as it was there when viewed with Avant browser, but usual verification – a browser view via Internet Explorer – did not materialize.  Internet Explorer was gone.  One can write on the form without connection to the internet if Windows Live Writer is used.  Then it’s sent online, and it’s set for a returned final online view via Internet Explorer.   

After messing with it for a while, and since the entry was online, it was decided to try to sort it out this morning.  Sometimes shutting the computer down completely for a while helps to unravel a kink in the works.  It only took until 4:00 p.m. this afternoon to have all things set up the way they were, including first finding the missing browser (Internet Explorer) and lastly (after things were set up as before) pulling out yesterday’s message to see if it posted as had been originally expected. 

To get away for a while (maybe all of fifteen minutes), there was a trip downstairs.  It’s getting to be a daily thing, even though there’s no going anywhere but outside.  The to-do there included repairs to the new automatic doors (one catches on something), a crowd looking for mail and the landlady looking over the lobby, where a few people had decided to sit at a table.  It’s frowned on if people congregate in the lobby.  To perk up the spirits, it was decided to have stuffed peppers for lunch.  A big lump of dirt was in one. 

Some people do important things. 


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