Another Day Ends And All Right

There’s food in the place – enough for a week more or less – and a lot of it all has been put away with some degree of order.  A lot of it all also hasn’t been put away at all, but it can sit for a bit.  Dust is getting thick a few places, but at least the rug was swept, as the lease requires.  The rug has nothing to do with either the bathroom or the kitchen area.  The computer seems to have been connected the whole live-long day, and the scooter got life renewal yesterday  very late and all through the early hours of the day.

Whatever is wrong, in other words, has not been found yet, and the day is almost over.  Currently the work week starts on Wednesday (there doesn’t seem to be any other way to figure it).  Traditionally, in some systems, shopping is a Saturday activity.  Monday through Friday is spent working somewhere.  Then, stores started having senior citizen specials on Wednesdays to keep employees busy on Wednesdays.  Specials are no longer needed; but, yours truly is a senior citizen, and it’s the important work of the week. 

If things continue okay, there might even be a chance to put decent bandaging on the ankle – Kleenex stuffed into what’s there leaves some things to be desired.  The hand looks a shade better, and an important piece of news hit the online headlines scanned today.  It seems police departments in larger cities are putting crime report maps online showing where things that don’t get reported by most metropolitan media sources (burglary, car theft, etc.) happened in recent weeks.  It’s a good thing to know. 

Being informed is first in self-defense. 


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