Doing Stuff

As can be seen, yours truly looked into the matter of putting some pictures into these workings.  It wasn’t much looking to date.  They aren’t in the other blog yet.  It simply seemed like there had to be a way to post pictures amid the stuff to the left if nowhere else.  It was rather easy to do, as all that needed to be done was figure out that the section is done with modules (a matter determined weeks ago), then find and figure out the right module for pictures.  Putting pictures in this text section is among the things not figured out. 

The more difficult part was the photography editing needed to get the picture into a size and shape that would fit other uses as well.  That might not have been done yet if there hadn’t been other need for a picture.  The tile avatar has been used for a long time all over the place.  So, now there is a picture three different places.  On a certain message board it’s likely to come down sooner or later, as a real picture on a message board doesn’t seem like a good idea.  For a while, however, it seems like it has had it’s uses. 

Now, the “messing” around with such things (not to mention much about drifting off to other areas and what all might be there) hasn’t done much for getting the grocery order in order for tomorrow and the anticipated visit from homemaker aide services (food is running low), any battery re-charging (the scooter is precarious), records updating (there is enough cash on hand for groceries), but, maybe the head is getting into better gear.  It’s easy to tell.  A card game on the computer takes about five minutes to play if it’s okay. 

Many things are guidelines.   


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