The Nose Knows

The claim is that we have five senses, maybe six.  It seems like the greatest concern is about the eyes.  Well, it’s important to see, and from a practical viewpoint, something seen can be a distance away while something felt, smelled, or heard is likely relatively close and something tasted is actually inside the mouth.  That “sixth sense” is something else.  An itchy nose is supposed to be a forewarning of (personalized) “news.”  The news may be something happy, like a wedding, but it’s not happy news to the one with the itchy nose for some reason.  Good or bad, there’s disappointment of some kind in the works. 

There’s not much reason for yours truly to be having an itchy nose, unless there’s an inspection of some sort on the horizon.  That’s a possibility as there was no spring “housekeeping” inspection.  And, it’s been months since the bug people have checked the building as a whole.  Another possibility is that something else is cooking at the storage facility.  Whatever is brewing, in the here and now it’s considered an accomplishment to get the grocery bags sorted and folded so they can be used for trash, all five or six of them.  The grocery receipt is checked and the food is shoved into the freezer or refrigerator; but, most often even the change is not put away immediately.  The get up and go is meager, the ankle is swelling again and the hand is still in a vinyl glove. 

The day began miserably as the light bulb burned out during the night.  Fortunately, it was daylight out already, or there might have been reason for more concern than a need for a new light bulb in the lamp.  The day continued miserably with computer jamming in the few precious minutes in the hall, a wrapper stuck to candy and assorted other annoying details and unpleasant prospects for the rest of the day, none of which would account for the itchy nose.  In the afternoon an escape to the downstairs/outside provided little of value.  The grocery advertising hadn’t come; the new automatic doors didn’t work; nothing of interest hung on the bulletin boards.  And, this might as well be posted, so it is done. 

There’s a time to see what happens tomorrow. 


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