Another Week Ends

Okay, this is for Friday although it’s being started Thursday night (actually evening).  There isn’t much yours truly can do besides a little paper work or something “preparatory” for the computer, as the scooter is hooked up for re-charging.  The choices are to sit on a stationary scooter, sit on the chair (which has nothing around it that can be done) or head for the bed, and it’s relatively early yet.  The paper work is important, but it’s also something that has been put off so long it takes a lot of doing.  What’s at hand is about an hour until it’s time for supper. 

There’s no clear reason why the bed started losing air three nights ago (Tuesday night-Wednesday morning), since, given some air, it was fine Wednesday night-yesterday morning.  Part of the recent cost included air pumps, and there’s another kind of bed that runs much cheaper because you have to have your own air pump; so, a future purchase may be much less expensive.  Now there’s not a lot of concern about a bed in collapse costing a wad of money or extra-ordinary effort; it’s the annoyance of doing the replacement.  The pizza was finished off.  Eventually the morning daylight came. 

Well, after 12:00 p.m. (today, Friday) there was serious wondering about where a good seven hours had gone.  To do all of the re-charging, the cell phone was connected, needed or not.  It took all of two minutes or so, including the later disconnection.  A package of small cakes was unwrapped for ”breakfast” (five minutes).  The scooter was disconnected (three minutes?), and a scoot out into the hall got a couple of messages done last night posted online (fifteen minutes).  Some Kleenex for the day were lined up and that took a few minutes (even sixteen halves will go in a day).  One letter that took about a half hour was written and sent.  By early afternoon, all in all, nothing much could be seen for nearly the equivalent of a day’s work (eight hours).  If anything does happen later, it can be noted some other time. 

Some people get a lot done. 


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