Status Quo?

Again this particular civilization held together just long enough to keep things going.  As expected, the homemaker aide showed up at 11:00 a.m., more or less.  It was actually 11:20 a.m., but that is plenty good enough.  After some discussion she was off to do the pre-determined shopping that should have taken roughly an hour.  It took longer than an hour.  Among other things, the store was new to her; and, she had to find her way in an unfamiliar arrangement.  Since that took longer than the expected hour, yours truly is looking at the carpet sweeping that did not get done.  It’s not impossible to do, but it was not – shall we say – on the agenda. 

The supermarket did not have anything on sale that could be easily used under the circumstances of the here and now that was – for want of a better word — substantial.  There weren’t any hefty tv dinners at reduced prices.  It was decided a restaurant delivered pizza would be a few meals.  Something different at times doesn’t hurt even if it does cost a little more.  The great thing to balance out all of the down side was that the homemaker aide found a nice soft pillow for the seat of the scooter to ease the problem of the very sore “bottom”  described in previous messages.  The pillow worked great into the evening. 

Now, in accordance with the workings of existence these days, if a something develops that helps things along, something else falls apart.  By evening the internet connectivity was pretty well gone in the apartment (it’s still available in the hall).  And, (surprise!) the new air bed set up fell apart.  The still untended ankle began such a state of itching that it was necessary to get up and stay up for a while.  Perhaps the banana peppers should have been left off of the pizza.  Well, they’re on it now and there was an hour-long wait to get it at all. 

The elderly need to keep mentally active.   


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