The Holiday Itself

The scooter is a super-duper or maybe one could say “glorified” tricycle.  It is “mobility equipment,” but it’s not a wheelchair.  It has three wheels, one in the front and two in the back.  Some (in fact maybe most) scooters have four wheels, so they are more like a go cart.  There are some that even have five wheels, two in the back and one big one and two little ones in the front.  Supposedly those with three wheels are more unstable than those with four; but, that might be because people accustomed to driving cars are used to judging things on a wider turning range than one central area. 

Anyway, it’s not a wheelchair, it’s “mobility equipment” and may be as valuable to supervisors running around in a big factory as it is to someone like yours truly.  It’s simply something that can be used in much the same way as a motorized wheelchair.  Some differences are that it’s not possible to scoot up to a table or a desk head-on, as the front is in the way.  One has to sit sideways.  On the other hand, one can load quite a bit underfoot on the footrest or hang things on the handles and haul much more stuff.  There’s a clear understanding that the thing is not a wheelchair, yet often there is a sense of being in a wheelchair.  Maybe it’s due to surroundings. 

It’s a holiday (time to play).  Fireworks could be seen through the apartment windows (no need to go anywhere) last night and this night.  There was some going beyond the usual minimum online (there’s internet connectivity) and trying a few things that were in mind (successfully).  The only “worky” things done were a trip to the basement for something for breakfast and a re-charging of the scooter battery (neither absolutely essential, but quite advisable).  At noontime there was a run outside to be out of the apartment for a while.  The front was decorated with medium-sized flags.  A haze hung over the distance.  And, after a while there was a self- reminder, of necessity, that the scooter isn’t a wheelchair. 

Peace is worthwhile. 



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2 responses to “The Holiday Itself

  1. Michael

    Whats in the basement CP, that you go there for breakfast?

    • Hi, Michael!

      Thanks for stopping by!

      The basement is only the basement in regard to the front of the building, like houses on a hillside. Either it was built on a kind of tiny dip in the land or they dug out an extra wide area. I’m not sure which as there is higher ground (first floor level) about twenty-five – thirty feet farther back, so one side and one end are open to the outside (ground floor).

      It’s the social area. There’s a big community room with kitchen area that’s almost half of the ground floor. On the outside there’s a patio area with tables, chairs and a grill. On the other side of the hall there’s a fairly large room with bookshelves, big screen television, exercise equipment and some nicer tables and chairs. Rooms for maintenance are also along that side. At the end of the hall away from that “library” there are two vending machines, one for soft drinks and one for candy, chips and about two rows of different kinds of small pastries — cup cakes, breakfast rolls, etc.

      When I say “breakfast,” I don’t mean much.


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