Survival May Be Possible

With many concerns and new aspects developing seemingly all of the time, it is nice to think yours truly may make it to at least some of the near future.  Never mind still doing something in this world, the goal has been to just exist.  Near mid-morning, as thoughts went to what needed to be done the most (call the storage facility to see that all was okay, since the office part of the operation has been moved), what was remembered among the recollection of things was that what was really forgotten in the line-up was the monthly blood pressure checking nurse. 

Once a month a real nurse comes to the apartment complex for a short time to check the blood pressure and pulse rate of anyone in the building who wants it done, and it’s a freebie.  There is do-it-yourself stuff one can buy; but, a person who understands what he or she is doing is preferred, as long as it’s free.  About two months ago the service was kicked from the beginning of the month to the end.  She was in the building on Wednesday.  Being bedeviled with the sudden need for a bed, the matter was completely forgotten.  At least the hand got some attention, and it still looks good. 

An early thing recalled was that Monday was a legal holiday and thinking about getting things from the drug store became more remote.  The toilet paper might last until Wednesday.  Come the afternoon (Monday being a holiday), the letter from the storage company was carefully re-read and the cell phone was pulled out only to find it was dead.  The battery, it seems, is always in use and needed re-charging.  Ill-advised or not, since a call seemed important, it was allowed to re-charge only for about an hour.  The scooter, the computer and the telephone all need re-charging.  It’s probably idiotic to think in terms of one day per week for such.

Some days are invigorating.  


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