Two years ago, at the old apartment house, a lady told yours truly that there was a “new place” (newly established apartment house) in the next town.  She had put in an application there, but she was anxious to get out of where she was and didn’t wait until there was a vacancy.  In hindsight, she had serious regrets and urged a look into the matter.  But, the only information given was a street name (a long street) and two churchy names that seemingly belong to two apparently nearly defunct churches. 

Being severely rushed even then, there was no opportunity to do any exploration.  By a year ago, however, there was chance to try to find the place, only there was no likely listing anywhere.  After much digging, the operating authority, which isn’t any church, and the actual address were located.  Now, recently, elsewhere on the same street, buildings had been demolished and new houses had been built.  There is no interest here in the likes of a house.  There has been a need of sorts to see if the recommended place was any part of the new housing and to get an application if not.  The taxi fare to just go look at the outside would have run to about $20. 

Given the chance, the homemaker aide early this year (that one was competent) was sent to get an application.  The place, still unseen, was down to the $20 an a chance to go there.  Well, there has been enough chance recently to get online to do more than just scan the list of email and headlines.  Yesterday it dawned that the online map satellite pictures would show whether the place was part of the new houses or not.  It’s not.  It doesn’t look particularly great online, but has good recommendations.  Regardless, the online maps have been used to look at other things, and it finally kicked in that the obscure apartment house could be viewed. 

It can be a while before things fall into place.  


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