Black Coffee And Colby Cheese

So….  It’s June 16, almost June 17.  By the time some people read this it will be June 17, or maybe the 18th or19th or later.  Spring is gone.  Half of June is gone.  Half of the week is gone. And, for that matter, half of the natural year – the positive, developing half – is gone.  And, what’s to show for it?  The exterminator is done with, at least for the moment.  The government is done with, at least for the moment.  Even the homemaker aide is done with, at least for the moment.  It’s a time to do something special to uplift the spirit a little.  Black coffee and Colby cheese might do it. 

Coffee is consumed in many ways from straight, unadorned black to stuff that may not even resemble coffee.  At times something a little different (like cinnamon or nutmeg) in it is fun.  When yours truly is of a mind to tackle part of the world, it seems it’s a time for straight black coffee.  Black coffee is also fitting with certain things, like powdered sugar donuts.  And, there was a time (a time with promise ahead and a powerful drive in the soul) when just black was a common way to go.  It’s pretty good with cheeses, which, if you come right down to it, is a variation of cream…. 

There’s lots of kinds of cheeses in this world.  The Italians seem to know more about it than others, but that may be imaginings.  Swiss is a particular favorite on the table or elsewhere.  Cottage cheese, cream cheese, and Wisconsin Colby all have special memories with them.  There’s such a thing as real, deli cut Colby.  Since packaged sliced cheese was not on sale, it was decided to indulge.  Deli cut cheese slices are most rarely (if ever) bought.  Such is considered too expensive.  But, if it helps to enliven a sagging spirit, an extra dollar might be worth it.  Sure enough, the deli Colby had the faint wrinkles and pinholes as remembered in much happier settings. 

Little joys have their value. 


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