More Hanging On Threads

The breakdown of civilization continues.  The casting about trying to find a straw to grasp continues.  The sometimes extra-ordinary, sometime outlandish, sometimes downright ridiculous alternatives continue.  The wondering about what is going to cease (or desist) next continues, but not so much as the constant wondering if any ordinary fundamentals are still possible.  The state of “Now what can be done?” continues.  The ordinary living objectives continue, but of necessity always ride the back of the mind. 

The missing item yesterday (Sunday) was the grocery advertising.  There’s no easy way to contact a restaurant for carry out food or the drug store for paper products (etc.) without a telephone.  So, the grocery shopping, which has been somewhat supplemental due to the poor homemaker aide service, has become fundamental.  To figure out what to get (and/or maybe ask someone else to get) is a top priority, especially since it’s likely to cause trouble if there is a small bunch of money involved.  The week’s advertising had not arrived in time for either of the two two trips to the front door.  It was there this morning; but, in total it took an extra day and three times the energy in the scooter battery. 

The plan for yesterday was simple enough.  The first thing on the agenda was to see about the advertising.  Although most often it comes on Saturday, sometimes it doesn’t; and, yours truly wanted the best chance of getting it the first time down.  Then there could be some attention to the foot (and right hand) as there was none on Friday, Thursday, or before.  Then the scooter could be set up to recharge the battery.  Well, Monday afternoon, the hand’s in a vinyl glove and a mess, the foot is untouched, and the scooter still needs recharging.  Things have to be readied for the homemaker aide; she may be prompt on Wednesday morning.  The emergency room seems more likely each day. 

Being sick is a big annoyance. 


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