Hanging By Threads?

There is a very strong suspicion in the mind that the anticipated collapse of all civilization is definitely in the works.  The past week is further evidence of it.  To explain, an utterly astonishing thing must be mentioned.  Wednesday, as somewhat anticipated, the same homemaker aide showed up as most recently.  But, this time things went nearly a hundred percent perfect (might as well say perfect).  It’s been nearly a year and a half since things went so well, for example, nearly two months ago the old air bed with it’s big hole in it was taken down and crammed into a trash bag.  It was too heavy for yours truly to haul outside.  Even that got hauled out, and she was all done just before it was time for her to leave. 

At 1:00 p.m. there was a mind-blown state of amazement that lasted two or three hours.  And, since such service might continue, something else, like the infected ankle, might occupy the attention.  Somewhere in a bag out of the way of the exterminator, there are and were things needed – a pan in which a foot could be soaked while sitting on the bed, paper towels, new socks….  Although the bandages have yet to be found (the old has been replaced with facial tissue), there has been some preparation.  But, instinct still says there’s something “descending” or “coming down,” something fundamental is not in proper working order.  There was so much pressure from unknown sources yesterday afternoon that all track was lost of the cigarette part of coffee and a cigarette. 

Now, it took months to find relatively frequent internet connection (i.e., going out into the hallway).  It isn’t much at times, but it is more often than an hour every two weeks.  So, then some human trash that probably lives in the building cut the telephone cord and the community telephone is gone.  Emergency is probably covered, but calling for transportation, the doctor, the drug store and more is not yet lined up.  The plan yesterday was to deal some with the foot after supper.  The electric power went off in the whole area.  Even the wireless didn’t work.  Supper was two hours off, so no foot care.  This morning, a trip downstairs show an elevator out of order and one maintenance man wandering about.  As soon as one essential is salvaged, another is lost. 

Everything has a life span. 



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2 responses to “Hanging By Threads?

  1. Emm

    everything has a life-span – yes, indeed, and I hope mine won’t exceed that of who or what I hold really dear …

    • Hi, Emm!

      Certainly mine has exceeded much of who or what I hold dear, and because it was so, I could be sure all was handled as well as possible for them. Now, there’s you another thought.


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