And, Where Did The Day Go?

It’s 6:00 p.m. (Monday).  There’s no avoiding the fact that the day, as with most days these days, just seemed to disappear with jet engine speed.  It began at midnight, as they all do, with yours truly asleep for a change.  But, that only lasted until about 2:00 a.m.  There was “inspiration” for message and a letter to write Sunday evening, but the back gave out before the letter was finished.  The 2:00 a.m. was after several hours sleep.  And, after a couple of hours with the letter the back gave out again, so the day officially started at about 9:00 a.m., but with vim and vigor. 

The first two things noted were that there was a constant grab at the facial tissues (none were set out to use) and the right hand was bothersome.  The alcohol bottle was low, too.  Reason said to get some stuff ready to use.  Twenty-four facial tissues were pulled out of the box and torn in half to be set three places, the table, the scooter basket and by the bed.  By evening all were gone from the table, and about half were gone from the basket and the bed.  A few more had to be set out for sure.  The skin was evaporating from a finger.  …Then from another.  By evening all four fingers had bandages, three of them for the second time. The fungus had stormed up on the ankle enough that there was make-shift care there.  Fortunately, it seemed there was no swelling. 

There was a trip downstairs and outside just to get out of the place near 2:30 p.m., after the letter was finished and yesterday’s entry was finally posted.  There was most of the morning routine rather hit and miss and a two trips into the hallway to check email and news headlines likewise rather hit and miss.  There was thought of the grocery list, but that got no farther.  At 6:00 p.m. there was time, it seemed, for this message, but what suddenly kicked in was the internet.  And, if there is connection while sitting on the bed, it is best to grab it and save the hassle of going out into the hall.  Once around things made it 7:00 p.m. A trip to the basement was in order.  By 9:00 p.m. dinner was in the oven and the message was really started – to be halted by the back again and finished almost twenty-three hours later. 

Erosion works almost unseen. 


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