Really Endless, It Seems

No matter what is done, it appears some things are perpetually unsettled.  It would be best if there were some way to junk the businesses, but there isn’t a way in sight at the moment.  One is the homemaker aide service, which is “off” again.  Another is the internet connection, which likewise is “off” again at the moment.  The internet connection nicely lasted about a week, not just the anticipated few days; it was just long enough to be dealing with the homemaker aide service and to check through last week’s free pictures.  That was convenient. 

To review a bit, three weeks ago the homemaker aide showed up unannounced at 1:00 p.m.  A list was thrown together.  The visit was salvaged.  Two weeks ago she showed up unannounced at 11:15 a.m.  Being somewhat expected, the visit was salvaged more than before.  This week, she arrived at 11:00 a.m. and all was in readiness.  Well, apparently the shopping was as much for herself as for yours truly.  She ran a good half hour late, got more wrong than last week, and had the cash/change in error.  In the unpacking, mild directives were lost on her, and a top sergeant yell resulted in a bad reaction.  A detailed report had to be sent. 

As for the connection, there was constant expectation that it would fade, and it seemed like it was going one evening.  A chance to get online while sitting on the bed rather than on the scooter in the hallway is a treasure, but it can be too hard on the back to be used to it’s full potential.  Still mostly out of curiosity, there was another trip to the Bible study group last evening.  Indescribable is a good description.  Meanwhile, the browser being used all the time is one nearly completely unknown because there isn’t enough time online to fix up the two usually used. 

Old age may not be peaceful at all.       



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2 responses to “Really Endless, It Seems

  1. Emm

    oh Carolyn – what on earth made you ever think old age might be peaceful? Just because it is a prelude to “RIP”, a kind of gently easing into that eternal rest?

    We, one can be mistaken, can’t one?

    • Hi, Emm!

      Given your comment, I hope things are well enough in your part of the world.

      Actually, I think, by the time you are old you are supposed to have things in proper working order so that it is like the seventh day of creation.


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