Unbelievable – A Normal Time

Yesterday and especially the wee hours of this morning are hard to believe.  Both days were a time to get up at a decent hour.  Not too certain though it be, yesterday there were three decent meals.  Last night the bed down was shortly before midnight, and there were seven hours of uninterrupted sleep.  In addition, there was a little trip outside of the apartment both days and enough sort of convenient connection to the world wide web to pick up some of the day’s news and do a bit online.  While that may be ordinary life for many people, it’s rare for yours truly. 

The trips outside were not far – yesterday just to the parking lot – as the place is on a steep hill where using the scooter might be a bit tricky.  They were, however, away from the building.  The seven hours of sleep was just that – no three or four a.m. awakening for anything.  That, alone, is unique any more and worth a mention.   Most often there is at least one decent meal in the form of a frozen dinner with a sizable sandwich for lunch; but, yesterday, the eatin’ was good. 

Today there had to be a calming rest before taking the rent to the office.  There was the usual continuous sense of something serious about to interrupt existence – a knock at the door by management or another wasp in the window – and it took about fifteen minutes to conclude that nothing was going to happen.  There was not only another “scoot” outside and a study of the immediate vicinity from the community room windows (something not really previously done); but, even part of the grocery list was done before the morning was over. 

It’s not good when the ordinary is rare. 


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