Getting With It

Since, at the moment, there’s internet “connectivity” all the way into the apartment, there’s a need to hurry and get some things done (like a message).  Since tomorrow is a business day, “connectivity” just may be gone by daylight tomorrow.  It’s just a hunch there’s a relationship to some business interference, but at times it does seem to be the case.  Seems like it’s been a couple of weeks since it wasn’t necessary to load up the computer and scoot out into the hallway somewhere for a twenty-minute grab at something online.  Sitting on the bed is a bit hard on the back, but it is so nice and soft for the sitting. 

But, there are odds and ends of living that are important, at times, very important.  Case in point:  What was brought into the place in the beginning was two pair of pants, one old.  Homemaker aides were sent to buy new, but there’s exactly one pair of pants in the place that fits good and is wearable.  Weeks ago a tiny spark burned a pinpoint size hole near one knee.  It could have been sewed up long ago, if things were more convenient, etc.  Gradually the hole widened to a slit of about a half of an inch.  Although yours truly was terribly tired and could barely see, the hole was finally gathered together Saturday.  It’s noticeable, but maybe all right for everyday wear. 

And, there’s always a question of what to do first.  For a moment – just a little bit this afternoon – it seemed as if yours truly had gotten enough rest for a while.  There was a sense of invigoration, which meant maybe even reading something a bit heavy was a possibility.  But, the grocery advertising was likely to be needed.  It wasn’t in the box yesterday afternoon.  A trip downstairs was reasonable, but it would be using up the scooter battery again.  The scooter was not out of energy; but, it didn’t hurt to add to what was there since there seemed to be a state of momentary invigoration, which meant it might not be so bad to get around without the scooter.  Recharging the battery Saturday afternoon worked out well.  So, there’s ad, battery and message, but nothing was read. 

Time reveals the worth of decisions. 


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