So, Live Another Day….

Well, as already noted, the community telephone is not working.  A bit of investigation (i.e., asking at the office what the state of affairs was) unearthed the information that someone cut the telephone line.  The further explanation was that what might be put in was an emergency only (911) direct line.  Period.  While yours truly doesn’t use the telephone much – one call a week to the drug store with a call back about fifteen minutes later for a bill total, one call a month for a taxi to go to the bank, sometimes calls to check prices or products and/or maybe something special – the lack of a telephone does crimp the style some. 

Naturally there has been meditation and consideration of life as a whole without telephone, even to the point of wondering if one should be put in after all.  The concerns for today, however, had to rest with calling the drug store and calling a taxi to go to the bank to get the money orders for the June rent.  The thought yesterday already was to skip the drug store as, if there was any bumming of a telephone from someone, the most important thing was a taxi and going to the bank.  There were only two opportunities left for that:  today and tomorrow. 

The papers and checks were pulled out to at least get them ready and try for today; if it was not “achieved” there was still another day.  Then it was only a matter of getting stuff together to leave and get up the nerve to go ask someone for their telephone.  And, at that point, what knocked on the door was caseworker stopping by to see how things were…and, well, yes, she could go to the bank and cash the checks, etc.  There was no need to even go along.  The impetus to be going somewhere stayed.  Eventually the going was to the basement to explore the vending machine things, from which there was a wandering into a Bible study group. 

Unexpected places can be easy to find. 



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2 responses to “So, Live Another Day….

  1. Emm

    let me rephrase that, please —

    “easy places can be unexpectedly found …”

    • Hi, Emm!

      Well, yes, you could say that, too. But, that Bible study group is only grouped for study on Thursdays at something like 7:30 p.m. and has been ignored or overlooked numerous times. It was more of an unexpected place to be.

      Thanks for the comment :-).

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