A Step Ahead, Three Back

The bed-sitting has done wonders for the sore behind.  While sitting on the scooter can still get a bit painful at times, with care and as little use as possible, things have gotten immensely better in that respect.  The bed-sitting has also, apparently, done some good in regard to the swollen leg.  While that often still looks a shade larger than it should be, the balloon-like expansion hasn’t been there recently as immediately and firmly.  And, the lesion around the ankle looks far better than anticipated.  And, what’s likely to happen is the incessant use of the air bed is going to wreck it…. 

While yours truly has been active with rather desperate hopes in regard to the foot, leg, rear, hands and for that matter breathing, other things – disillusioning things – have come to pass for certain.  Yesterday (Friday) there was a dash into the bathroom.  There, near to in the middle of the floor, was a dead bed bug.  How it got there is a mystery.  Did the air carry it?  Did it fall off the pants?  Or, was it perchance alive enough to crawl that far from some hidden place before it died?  If so, yesterday suggested there are still some around. 

Today provided a most sinking feeling.  After being up and about for about four hours, which included going down the hall with the computer, there was a pause for a cup of coffee at noontime.  The cup was set on the table as is normally done.  A cigarette was fished out of the pack.  Suddenly across the black rim of the coffee cup a white pinpoint like fleck zipped along at astonishing speed.  The first thought was it was a play of light, then a baby insect – white spider.  No, it was probably not a spider, but a just hatched bed bug fallen from somewhere like a gloved hand.  Knocked to the outside of the cup, it disappeared only to reappear on the Coca Cola can makeshift ash tray.  It disappeared from there, too. 

It is important to remember the positive. 


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