Previously Understated

The titles recently (“a bit disgusting” and “more pitiful by the day”) were more positive than the last few days.  While it seems things can always get worse, it would be nice if things evened out on a slightly higher plane.  It sure would be enlivening to figure out how to arrange it.  The strange part is, yours truly cannot figure out from where the current state of eroding deterioration is actually eroding.  The only possible answer is that several things are in a more advanced state of “decay” than apparent or previously thought.

Thursday, after the lady from the drug store left, given powerful motivation, yours truly was determined to sort out a few things.  There is a little basket that comes with many if not all mobility scooters.  It sits on the front of the thing.  A person can carry a lot of smallish items in it.  Some essential stuff is rarely if ever removed including a pen, a magazine to read while waiting for whatever, a couple of cough drops or bits of candy, and various other useful odds and ends.  The paper lining in the bottom was so shredded already that little in the bottom could be found.  It had to be cleaned out.

Having gotten started, by about midnight not only was the basket sorted, but the hands got cleaned and were given new medicine and new gloves, the scooter battery was recharging and more.  None of the little jobs were done completely.  There are a couple of letters still in the basket, the swollen leg was not attempted, etc.; but, there was a start with the expectation that at least that much would be in order Friday morning and would last, if luck smiled, close to a week.  Although a message got posted Saturday, by afternoon, the battery was half dead, the hands looked and felt as if they hadn’t been touched for a week and more.  (The hands had to be re-done.)  Sunday the trash was not packed up….

Sometimes it’s hard to find the positive.



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2 responses to “Previously Understated

  1. Emm

    Carolyn, dear, I can but admire you for finding the courage to carry on – and that’s something VERY positive!

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