More Pitiful By The Day

There’s a neat picture yours truly would like to get posted in the left hand column.  One reason for picking this template (as was mentioned some time ago) is that it seems to show off pictures better.  It’s a visual thing.  A dark background theoretically sets off light or bright images.  It doesn’t work with anything that has dark colors toward the edges; but, it does with blue skies, lively flowers, snow scenes and much more.  Well, there’s no getting to trying pictures at the moment; but, a few more were copied from the free stuff yesterday in a sort of frenzied effort several times in the hall.  It took until nearly midnight due to the wait needed for the battery to re-charge.   

At the moment what online living there is seems to be getting to be a worsening of the scoot out into the hall system.  Again today the scoot was down to the other end of the hall; and, the battery didn’t seem to last even fifteen minutes, although it was re-charged all night the first time out.  What does get written is done in the sort of uncomfortable position of sitting on the bed with the feet up.  Of course, the arrangement is better than no arrangement at all; but, it’s not conducive to a business-like approach to things. 

It is Saturday and notices from the office and the residents’ chief leaders are over with for a couple of days.  With no homemaker service to urge into at least sweeping out the place, that needs to be done as the paper shreds and the like are getting more visible; but, the bad foot does tend to hurt now and then and the bandage is in dire need of changing, which is a long, messy job.  At least it’s a pretty day; the window’s open and presently wasp-less.  A window in the previous apartment could be opened; but, it was quite difficult to move it, so it was not tried but about twice.  Open windows are better living.   

Open windows free the spirit.  


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