It’s Really A Bit Disgusting….

The way to do things now is to (of course) awaken in the morning and make a sort of staggering run to the bathroom, being careful not to trip over the computer wires strung across the pathway and with the hope of making it all right.  Taking the scooter is better as it’s about forty to fifty feet round trip.  The walking and standing necessary is enough to leave yours truly panting and collapsed in the scooter seat when the bathroom business is done.  To see what might be done with the wake up cup of coffee, the computer is retrieved from the bed.  Since presently the connectivity has been so low it’s sometimes necessary to go down to the other end of the hall, probably nothing. 

When the coffee is finished, the computer is disconnected and loaded in the lap for a trip out into the hall, with a hope the battery lasts long enough to check at least the email and the news.  Then it’s back to the shelf for the computer and breakfast time and just a bit of the old routine (the records are anything but up to date).  Then it’s back to the hall for just a few minutes more online to finish up anything not done the first time out; the battery is not completely recharged.  The computer goes back on the bed in the evening for doing something until it’s no longer possible to sit up…. 

Making up for the homemaker aide continues.  There’s finally enough food to quit worrying about that for a few days; two weeks’ mail at the post office was picked up yesterday (Wednesday).  The last time the money was checked, there was a small amount that couldn’t be found.  As it was necessary to pay the taxi for the trip to the post office and pay the chicken house for additional food, an attempt was made to sort out the cash on hand, which has been grabbed at time and again in the last two weeks.  This time there’s no accounting for about a hundred dollars. 

Some times survival comes first. 


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