Still More Pretty Day

The exterminator came by this morning to look around and spray.  Since the place had fumes and the morning was lovely, yours truly headed for the outside world with the idea of breakfast, cigarette and sitting at a bench in front of the building until the fumes were cleared out some.  A nice man came by and sat down.  There was no attempt to take careful note of the swelling leg.  It was swollen by noon on Monday and similarly yesterday and presumably was so today, too.  The deal is, should whatever is being done be stopped to get completely off of it? 

Medically, it would probably do some good to stop; but, that does not allow for some needs.  Monday, for example, reason said to keep going and get off of it before going downstairs to call for food and social security contact.  It paid off since the pizza took well over a half hour and became a late lunch.  Social security didn’t answer at all, making another trip necessary yesterday afternoon.  However, per the lady yesterday, social security is all right for the time being.  The medical stuff is far from sorted out. 

Evenings have gone to these “creative” pages.  The media account still isn’t verified.  The window wasn’t closed until well after dark until today.  Today a wasp was spotted on the inner side of the screen, so no more fresh air.  Somewhere not readily visible there is/are holes with room enough to allow in relatively large insects, but where has yet to be determined.  Maybe it’ll be all right since it’s supposed to get chilly again for a few days.  With no need to prepare for the homemaker aide, it’s been possible to survive.  It is, however, much more expensive living and things like getting the trash out of the way isn’t getting done too well.  The bug man is coming back in a month.  

Pain interrupts thinking.  


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