More Pretty Day

Today, Tuesday, was also a pretty day with a beginning later than and worse than yesterday, but yesterday merits more discussion.  Noon came.  The mid-morning trip to the basement was a very good thing (another transpired this afternoon).  Getting out of the apartment and into the “outside world” just to the point of traveling down the hallway was enough to jog the memory about two things neither of which was in “active thinking.”  Completely forgotten was the need to call the social security office.  Calling the pizza house for food was vaguely in mind over the weekend already, but it really should be done no later than about 4:00 p.m. as the odds are they get busy after then.  With it in mind early, the doing of it became more of a possibility. 

Calling the pizza house needs a decision about what to buy and a clearing of the old pizza box out of the refrigerator.  With the old there, there would be no pizza ordered as there would be no room for the still boxed leftovers.  Tearing up cardboard pizza boxes (so they fit in a bag that will go down the trash chute) is hard on the hands.  Having taken on that task, two more (flimsier) boxes waiting for dismemberment were also torn up, substantially filling up another trash bag, still unfinished today.  After box tearing, it’s necessary to sweep the rug as residue that refuses to shake out gets dislodged in the tearing. 

Seated at the computer, what could be seen outside of the piece of window left open was the upper part of a flourishing, thoroughly green tree of a fairly mature age growing across the street/alley.  There are a couple of fancy ones under the window; the one across the way is just an ordinary tree.  Most definitely like blobs of antiseptically clean white cotton, clouds in contrast floatingly hung more distantly in the sky, a blue as true as possible seemingly unrelated and very far away, yet it was a single “picture” with the clouds apparently above and behind the tree and the sky above and behind it all.  The colors of nature were perfect.  Today was cloudless and a little grayer, but similar.  More tomorrow. 

The world can lead us places. 


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