Pretty Day

Some of the day’s thoughts:  Umm….  Awake….  Daylight, it’s morning.  Good Lord! Emergency run to the bathroom.  Why?  Gotta be a reason….  Well, at least it’s not much of a mess.  The trash around has to be gathered up anyway.  …Almost 7:30 a.m.  It must have been at 7:00 a.m.  Was there something in the 7:00 a.m. news that instinct said should have been heard?  …Turn on the 8:00 a.m. news.  The radio is packed in a bug-deterrent plastic bag.  Uh….  Maybe check the website later.  Ah!  Internet connection!  Nothing in the email.  Nothing reported by London. Nothing reported by Dayton.  Nothing worth noting on message boards except one comment from JR. 

Late breakfast time.  Open the window to let in some of the good air; it should have been done earlier.  And, turn off the heating pad.  Purple flowers behind the house across the street/alley.  Lilacs?  Take the coffee cup to the kitchen and take along the scotch tape to patch the hole in the trash bag.  Choice:  eat what’s at hand or go down to the basement and buy something.  Choice at hand:  sweet rolls or cereal.  Sweet rolls must be unpacked.  Some of the milk should be used.  It’s a bother getting out the bowl.  Real choice:  eat what’s at hand or go to the basement.  Basement it is.  Leg hurts already. 

It doesn’t hurt to see what’s stirring.  The lady already on the elevator with cart backed deeper into it and wanted off at one. So, get off, check the lobby mail and bulletin board and otherwise look around before going to the basement.  …One person standing by the door, two sitting on the bench beyond the inner door, two happily gabbing beyond the outside door.  Oh, the yen to go running out the door and down the street to explore unknown worlds.  Kid, you’re sitting on a mobility scooter and you’re barely able to stand up.  Basement.  Take the remaining fifty cent candy, too, and go back upstairs.  At least the window is open.  Good Lord!  Another bathroom emergency.  There’s something radically off.  To be continued.  

Pretty days should be appreciated. 


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