May Day

There was every intention of writing a sort of special message for The Diary’s Blog and connecting the recharger to the scooter for an expected five hour session Thursday evening.  Neither happened.  As it was early when the message for here got posted (not even 8:00 p.m.), and the swollen foot was exceedingly bothersome, and the usual way to set up the recharging business is to plug it all together around 1:00 a.m. so it works during the night and is ready to use in the morning, it seemed reasonable consider the foot and sprawl out on the bed for a while. 

The “while’ lasted until about 5:00 a.m. yesterday.  The nearly eight hours sleep was probably beneficial; but, the scooter battery wasn’t recharged and there was a need for a trip to the lobby to pay the rent and call the social security office.  There’s some bother with recharging the scooter.  Presently the way it is done is to unplug the computer and plug that in across the way, then plug the scooter recharger in where the computer was.  That’s because the computer wires are longer than the scooter wires; adjusting things so allows for sitting at the table area and doing something at the computer even if the scooter isn’t operational. 

The first thought was to set things up at 5:30 a.m.; but the actual time needed was an unknown and the time to go down to the lobby wasn’t decided.  Eventually it was decided to gamble on the scooter amid visions of pushing it all the way back while dragging the sore foot.  Initially there was no one in the office; but, someone did come eventually, so the rent is paid.  No one answered the telephone at the social security office although several call were tried, so that’s still not finished.  The business took much longer than expected, but fortunately the scooter held out.   Apart from social security, yours truly made it through April…. 

Sometimes we have to gamble on things. 


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