So Many Important Things….

Changing the bandage on the ankle has been left undone, it is guessed, for too long.  It’s a big messy job; and, there are only twenty-four hours in a day.  Nature demands some hours out of the twenty-four for various things, especially these days, and prevents an efficient use of others – just as an example, what operation there is in the hands is still in “surgical” (throw away) vinyl gloves.  The hands and foot, however, are not so bothersome as the rear end very sore from the way it’s necessary to sit, less serious though that may be. 

As things are assessed this evening, if the battery of the scooter is not re-charged tonight (which action causes near immobility for four or five hours), a hiking of the hall tomorrow will be on the agenda.  The rent needs to be paid, and the social security office needs to be called.  Given the bad foot, the prospect of hiking the hall is less appealing than usual.  Things like over-flowing trash are badly hampering what “operating” there is; indeed, the table and nearby rug are well scattered with ashes, so much so that the table can’t be used at the moment. 

However, it is still early and enough food and money are around (in near total disarray, but at hand somewhere) for the moment and so forth, so the computer can be taken in hand for a few words for friends, enemies, and passers-by who might stop for a look at these postings, especially since nothing got posted yesterday.  For once there has been internet connectivity recently, and what has delayed postings was grabbing at stuff for continued existence.  Just maybe yours truly has made it through one of life’s surprisingly unexpected stormy times.  (It ain’t sure yet.)  Quite possibly some people have not. 

Most people survive on the good in others.


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