When All Else Fails….

Well, no neighborhood store delivery.  That has to be explored further.  It seems they may have discontinued it.  Since the notice of service is on the bulletin board, it may be a matter for landlady exploration.  In the meantime, when all else fails, try for pizza.  It came.  A medium makes for two meals and some nibbling.  What the homemaker aide was supposed to bring back was enough dinners for ten or eleven meals.  Two were as directed.  She substituted two more.  With the pizza there are now only three to make up, and the lady down the hall promised to get the coffee. 

A further accomplishment yesterday was the census form.  If one was not counted – yours truly was not counted – fill out the back up form (i.e., when all else fails fill out this supplemental form). Quite possibly no one in the building was counted, because the back up form (to be mailed by May 1) was brought around by a resident.  If it doesn’t get to the census bureau, the next shot at being shown as “still alive” won’t come for another ten years.  There’s not that much expectation of living to the age of 84 (seems like no one else in the family did).  The form was messy in places, but it got done. 

While the census form was being filled out in the lobby (while waiting for the grocery to decide if they were delivering), the light bulb in the kitchen area expired again.  The one at the entry does light up the kitchen area almost as well.  The message for The Diary’s Blog didn’t get done for yesterday, but one for here did and this one will be….  If the leg is too swollen to go to the bank tomorrow, there’s always personal checks to try.  Such might even get accepted. 

Alternatives save lives. 


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