Thursday was a nice enough day.  The homemaker aide arrived at one of the expected times.  She got a list and got sent to the post office and the supermarket.  Now, sometimes a person can tell by the unspoken whether or not someone else is thinking along the same lines, and yours truly suspected things were not, say, clear.  When the woman came back an hour and a half later, there were three things that were amiss.  Just in regard to food, the nearly ten  meals expected were not in the collection.  Two were. 

“A fine mess this is,” is an understatement.  The most sensible thing to do today or tomorrow is to drop another twenty or thirty dollars for a load of stuff from the neighborhood store, half or more of which isn’t particularly needed.  That’s because it isn’t reasonable to ask them to run a delivery for a ten dollar order.  (Ten dollars would provide enough sandwiches to get by.)  Fortunately, there is enough money at hand.  To make matters worse, the homemaker aide spent five dollars more than was necessary due probably to inattention to what was written. 

Given the rather negative situation underfoot and in hand, plus some pending concerns, plus the fact that the homemaker aide left last week and didn’t do well the week before, good sense said to cancel the service for a few weeks, as the odds are that whatever is figured out won’t particularly happen as needed.  It’s better to not bother with the agency service and switch to “emergency mode” instead.  It’ll be costly, but hopefully more effective.  If the ankle swells up any more, a hospital may be in the offing anyway for that alone; and, that would screw up things anyway. 

Diplomacy is valuable. 


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