A Day That Passed Quietly

It was a day for waiting with a hope that nothing showed up, for the government (contracted) inspector was due in the building.  The purpose (as noted somewhere) is to be relatively sure the place is livable.  They do things like turn the knobs on the stove to see if they turn, look in the closet to see if there’s a pile there (fire and insect hazard), open the refrigerator to see if it’s working, try the windows….  It’s a long list of things in apartments and in regard to the common areas of a place as well as the building in general. 

The inspectors can go through an apartment and get to the next one in about fifteen minutes.  They probably don’t check more than a dozen or so randomly picked if it’s just one person, unless maybe someone did so much complaining somewhere that they were told to check that particular place.  An inspector went through the rather ungodly mess that was the old apartment rather minutely (to the delight of yours truly) shortly before the departure from there; the accompanying staff member stood there realizing what a horrendous report was pending. 

The resident waits, trying to keep occupied with something that can be interrupted at a moment’s notice with one ear sort of inclined toward the door in case of a knock.  There was no problem trying to figure out what to do in the dead silent wait.  There were some complex messages that could be posted online, and, more important, there was an opportunity to do a little surfing on the web for information about a about a village in some mountains.  The “behind” is sore (a pillow is needed).  That was yesterday; this is going up in the morning. 

A good night’s sleep helps….


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