Quietly The Night Came….

The three message boards being followed had been checked for new comments.  The news headlines had been scanned early in the day.  One tab sits on the email account.  Some “informative notices” came through and were deleted, but that’s all there was.  A request for help had been posted in the help forum – yours truly has wanted to install a clock on this site but there was none listed among the widgets.  It didn’t hurt to ask about how to deal with a known one.  They can’t be installed for technical reasons.  Even the thread of the lost account was checked. 

A scoot out into the hall to pick up an internet connection got a message for each weblog posted for the day.  From somewhere some energy materialized.  One thing to do was to go down to the ground level and get something for breakfast.  It’s rather pricy – seventy- five cents for a breakfast roll – but it’s that or nothing as the little world of the apartment is in a state of upheaval.  Another thing to do was go to the front door.  Being in the building itself is being in a state of isolation.  Getting out of the apartment is at least a whisper of the world out there. 

A candy bar was also in the buy in the basement to delay getting into a supper.  A last glance online at the same time as the candy made sense.  With the windows to the back and a wall in front, amid a near absolute silence that hung over all, slowly the light changed to nothing but the table lamp.  No traffic at all was heard on the street or in the hallway. Soon it seemed cooler.  ….Time to scoot over and turn on the heating system.  There was then a real chance to hunt for an obscure “castle” village in unknown mountains and riding on a language that’s a total mystery.  The village has a website (found once).  It’s down, but the school site is still there.  This message will be posted in the morning. 

Intense concentration has strange effects.  


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