Personal Notes

As long time readers know, yours truly not only is not in the best of physical condition but has not been so for a long time.  And, the newer things presently are a sort of “dis-improvement.”  Well, in the wee hours of today’s morning, a new heating pad was tried in a few bothersome places, and – surprise! – today come noontime what showed up again noticeably was the drippy nose like sinus drainage.  It was minimal for a while.  Something’s changed, maybe for the better, at least momentarily. 

Tomorrow the property management’s big government inspection comes.  Results are expected to be unknown; but there may very well be substantial problems.  Wednesday bug inspection comes.  There haven’t been any seen recently, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any and they are through (after just approximately two months to date of dealing with the matter).  That’s a second unknown.  Thursday, is the day for the iffy homemaker aide service.  It had been scheduled; but, given the deal last week, that’s a third unknown.  So far today there has been no email from either office involved.

On the bright side (there really is one), the local newspaper had a note that turned out to be a treasure for information in regard to “the project.”  A lot of stuff that could only be found by going to the library in Dayton is now online.  A couple of tidbits have already been found.  And, there’s even a message board for questions. 

Plodding into the unknown is scary. 


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