More Serious Deterioration?

A shade over two weeks ago, over four hundred dollars was hauled out of the bank for expenses.  Yesterday yours truly finally got to sorting out the money.  Three dollars cannot be located.  Now, some people might say three dollars out of four hundred is somewhat negligible, and why worry over it?  However, fairly accurate records are usually kept, and extra effort is used to keep things straight, thusly: 

Money for the homemaker aide to buy groceries is noted down on the envelope given to her.  The change is not dumped back in with the rest of the money until it can be added to what’s there.  Money for the drug store is almost always the same amount as the bill, determined before the delivery.  Three dollars would not pay the taxi fare anywhere.  Etc.  The thinking is not too precise.  And, that’s known for sure, because when playing a computer game the mistakes are obvious after the fact…. 

And, that’s not all that’s worse.  The place on the ankle that was infected has gotten worse.  The ankle has been swollen for several days.  Sometimes it goes down some, but it’s still swollen.  The hands are bad enough to be unable to hold a hairbrush, never mind tearing up boxes for the trash and the like.  The things in regard to the government (high and low) have hit a rough spot.  There was misunderstanding of what they wanted.  The pants relied on have a tiny cigarette burn hole…. 

Life without problems is boring. 



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2 responses to “More Serious Deterioration?

  1. Emm

    oh Carolyn – the old Chinese curse ” may you live in interesting times” certainly seems to apply to your prsent circumstances!

    I think I understand your annoyance about the missing three dollars – it’s definitely NOT the amount, it’s feeling betrayed by one’s oh so careful and painstaking self

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