Testing, Testing Again….

In the wee hours of the morning, yours truly started looking through the various features of the web site again.  As can be seen, a couple of things have been added to the left.  In all the available designs to use as “stationary” (they are called themes and there are presently about eighty-five of them from very plain to fancy like the one here), there is one that is a parchment-like antique-y thing vaguely similar in look to the old weblog. 

The look of that theme was appealing and it did seem fitting.  After all, it’s sort of like the old one.  The “stationary” was switched for a while; there may be a change.  There are a couple of seasonal themes as well that seem like they would be fun to use for a while.  Apparently the things to the left are mostly present in all of them.  (There is here an attempt to get more into the swing of things.)  One thing nice about the antique-y theme was a different type face, so there will be some testing of “print,” like this: 

Happy Spring!

And, if that stays printed, something substantial to do a lot of things with will have been tried.  It should stay printed; but, one never knows until it’s tried.  The system of the super gadget promises a lot of things, including the many uses of these things: 

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y  

(No, that isn’t all of them.) 

Pretty days should not be wasted. 

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