But, Who Were They?

As estimated, nearly a thousand people attended the funeral.  Apparently he was not a politician.  What was in the news reports was that a private plane took off from a small suburban airport, developed a problem, and crashed.  The pilot and his daughter passenger were killed.  The destination was Chicago to pick up another daughter as it was Easter time.  Now, yours truly seems to be missing something here. 

There were a number of news stories.  It was picked up in several different towns.  None of them said anything much about the people except that he was fifty years old and retired and she played on a university volleyball team.  Plane crashes are not particularly common in the area, but it’s known that they can happen.  Private planes are not particularly rare.  He was not originally from the area.  One does not have to be particularly wealthy to have a private plane.  So, how did the funeral merit a thousand people? 

Limited connectivity or not, as the names were not familiar and the news reports were so scant that they did not even list his occupation, business or interests beyond being on the board of directors of a high school, more than an hour was wasted running searches.  A couple of people with names that were recognized made nice passing comments; but, that was it.  He was, however, in the popular online places.  And, apparently, he did know people in the media…. 

One can feel “out of it” without being so. 


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