Yep, Critical

The area (Greater Cincinnati, not just Covington) is reportedly fifth in the nation in regard to the bugs.  The bug man came today as expected.  He didn’t find anything alive; therefore, he said, the anticipation was three (or maybe just two) more visits, two weeks apart.  That would make it about three months of dealing with extermination.  (There is no immediately effective insecticide.) 

Well, yours truly did find a few of the creatures alive in the last couple of days (and said so); and, therefore, personally there is no anticipation of all being just fine by June.  What he reported to whoever, however, is not known.  He did carefully check and spray around where the most recent ones were found, namely around the computer and scooter.  A place to sleep is precarious. 

Living is going to be out of plastic bags, and those need careful re-arranging.  Meanwhile the hands are a barely usable mess.  It’s really rather hard to concentrate on any work of any sort; but, the thought is to do some posting insofar as possible.  Too many people have not accepted the fact that there is a serious health problem. 

There has to be an answer somewhere. 

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